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About BBGR

  • French lens manufacturer BBGR has been producing innovative eyewear for more than 160 years. The quality of BBGR lenses is tried and tested, giving you the guarantee of optimal visual accuracy and comfort.

    Established in 1846, the BBGR Provins plant can lay claim to a long-standing legacy of skill and expertise. Today it is Europe's largest lens production and development facility.

    BBGR's product range offers an extensive choice of high-tech lenses for all visual needs and all types of frames.

  • BBGR was one of the first lens manufacturers to receive the "Origine France Garantie" certification for its high-quality lenses, one of the first to reduce manufacturing times for progressive lenses, and one of the first to offer a full range of digital double-coated lenses.

    It was also one of the first lens manufacturers to take measurements simply and precisely on a tablet thanks to its EyeMio technology.

    Thanks to its innovative outlook and inventions, BBGR has more than 34 million satisfied customers.

A propos de BGGR - Garantie origine France
Fabricant français Des produits et des services Leader en verres progressifs
Un outil de production et logistique performant et réactif Près de 900 personnes en France au service de l'opticien


We've been forging increasingly closer ties with our customers for 170 years to meet their expectations as best we can.


We're determined to move ahead, but we're flexible as events occur.
We're open, available and able to adapt and react quickly.


We have three abiding characteristics: we set an example, we're supportive and we're responsible.
We are passionate about what we do.


We have a strong passion for innovation and challenge.

With more than 2,350 employees in 14 countries and an international network of exclusive distributors, BBGR pursues the same goal everywhere: increasing quality and professionalism to provide greater satisfaction for each customer.

BBGR is also present abroad thanks to its policy of external growth and a distribution strategy that involves: Transforming long-standing distributors into affiliates since the 2000s.

17 filiales

BBGR has 900 employees in France, divided between the head office, manufacturing sites and retail agencies. 17 subsidiaries / 7 partners-retailers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

BBGR makes all types of lens, which is why it invests in the development of comprehensive industrial and technological facilities.

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Discover our 17 subsidiaries

Country subsidiary Company Website
BelgiumDE CEUNYNCKwww.deceunynck.be/fr
Czech RepublicOMEGA OPTIXwww.omega-optix.cz/
SlovakiaOMEGA OPTIXwww.omega-optix.cz/
GermanyRUPP + HUBRACHwww.rh-brillenglas.de
SpainBBGR IBERIAwww.bbgr.es
United KingdomBBGR UKwww.bbgr.co.uk
South AfricaEVOLUTION OPTICALwww.bbgr.med-cis.com
United Arab EmirateGHANADA OPTICALwww.bbgr.ae

BBGR products: a record of excellence


Birth of the 1st
progressive lens
BBGR : Zoom

Silmo d'or 1995 1995

Silmo d'Or

Silmo d'or 2001 2001

Silmo d'Or

Pont d'or 2002 2002

Pont d'Or

2005 2005

Birth of the
anti-refective Neva lens

Greater affordability
of the anti-smudge lens


Birth of Anateo,
the 1st progressive lens
to take the eye's anatomy
into account

Pont d'or 2008

Pont d'Or


Creation of Neva Max,
Maximum Protection
against little scratches

Silmo d'or 2010 2010

Anateo Mio
Silmo d'Or

Pont d'or 2012 2012

Anateo Mio
Pont d'Or

2013 2013

Birth of Intuitiv,
the first progressive lens
adapted to the postures
of right- and left-handed people

Silmo d'Or
Silmo d'or 2013

Birth of Neva Max UV,
and long lasting

2014 2014

Neva Max UV
Pont d'or
Pont d'or 2014

Pont d'argent
Silmo d'or 2014 / pont d'argent 2014


Sirus Plus
Silmo d'or
Silmo d'or 2014