AFNOR awarded BBGR the “Covid-19 Sanitary Measures” label following an audit carried out on June 26.

This label represents a pledge of confidence for all BBGR employees, but also for customers and visitors likely to come into contact with BBGR products.

“We have all been affected by the implementation of health measures that have turned our daily lives upside down. At BBGR, we immediately made this a priority because ensuring the safety of our employees and our optician partners is essential, and it is thanks to our great flexibility that these measures have been incorporated into the way we work.

Obtaining this labeling is for us a great recognition of the extent of the work accomplished by the teams to put them in place, but also a collective reward for all the employees who play the game, and the guarantee for our customers of the effectiveness of our protocols.”


At a time when health protocols are tending to become more flexible, BBGR is working hard to guarantee maximum safety for its employees, on all sites, but also for its partner customers.

This labeling confirms the relevance of the health measures deployed, but above all it underlines the responsibility and the efforts that BBGR teams demonstrate on a daily basis.