BBGR is a French manufacturer of optical lenses established in 1846.

Our expertise

Thanks to the technical expertise and relationships we have developed ever since opening our first site in 1846, BBGR is able to offer a complete range of innovative products all bearing the Guaranteed Made in France® label*. Always attentive to the needs of eye care professionals and eyeglass wearers, BBGR’s research continuously pushes the boundaries to provide the best quality of vision possible.

BBGR, fabricant français de verres optiques. Logo de la marque BBGR Optique.
BBGR Logo de la marque Nikon Verres Optiques

2 brands : BBGR Optical, the original,
and Nikon Lenswear, the extraordinary.

750 employees in France,
including 100 advisors across 5 sales branches who attend to the needs of 6,000 client opticians, and 530 experts in the ISO-certified production centres in Sézanne and Provins.

Since 2012, the products made at our production sites carry the Guaranteed Made in France® label.

12 million lenses delivered throughout France every year, meaning 6 million eyeglass wearers use BBGR lenses.

2 research & development centres

*Exept Transitions® lenses

Our missions

See better, live better

Every day, we aim to provide as many people as possible with the highest quality eyewear to help improve their vision and protect their eyes.
Giving the power to see better is what drives BBGR, with eye health being at the very centre of our business and commitments.

Supporting opticians

We help opticians grow and develop every day. Ever since its creation, BBGR’s mission has been to offer a complete range of optical services and solutions that are both accessible and innovative.
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Our values are shared by all our employees
who strive daily to accomplish
our missions and commitments.

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Our commitments

Environmental and social responsibility

Through our mission to improve vision, the whole BBGR team is committed to helping populations who don’t have access to suitable eyesight correction or regular ophthalmological care. Similarly, we also ensure our business undertakes numerous sustainable development initiatives.

Better eye care for all

A rewarding partnership !
with VisionSoliDev in 2017

In May 2017, 12-year-old Angélique, born in Rwanda, was taken under the care of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde so that she could receive heart surgery in France. Her host Mathilde discovered that she had difficulty seeing and contacted VisionSoliDev, who conducted tests and confirmed that her eyeglasses were not suitable.

The charity contacted its partner BBGR who immediately put its team to work. The RE -15.25(+0.50) LE -20.00 lenses were urgently manufactured before Angélique left for Kigali.

They were delivered and assembled in time with the new red frames Angélique had chosen. With a visual acuity of almost 10/10, the young girl recovered her sight and smile !

Better vision for better road safety
during World Sight Day 2018

Backed by the World Health Organization, World Sight Day is an annual event to help raise awareness and give everyone the right to see.

In 2018, BBGR promoted the importance of good vision to improve road safety. Eyesight tests and an awareness campaign were employed to warn the public of eyesight problems, which are one of the leading cause of road traffic accidents.

All road users — drivers, cyclists, pedestrians — were educated about three good ways to improve their safety :

  • Regularly get their vision tested
  • Wear appropriate glasses
  • Protect their eyes from glare

BBGR’s staff work with local charities
all year, every year

Throughout the year, BBGR’s staff participate in local activities to support on-the-ground charities who work to help impoverished populations or protect the environment.

These direct and local efforts are led by staff who organise and run cake sales, fund-raising campaigns, appeals for items to recycle and community initiatives across all the company’s sites.

Nikon Lenswear raises awareness across France with the Vision Tour
With its Nikon Lenswear brand, BBGR is proud to take the stand on behalf of eye care and speak to the general public.
Inaugurated in 2017, the Nikon Lenswear Vision Tour involves offering eye tests in 6 French cities to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s eyes.
The first event was a huge success, educating over 5,000 people and performing eyesight tests on 2,000 of them.
In 2018, Nikon Lenswear was back on the streets to test, this time round, the eyesight of over 5,000 people !

Concrete actions that reduce our environmental footprint every day

In Provins, all the water collected (waste and industrial) passes through an on-site purification plant and then discharged into the natural environment following treatment, in accordance with current standards.
Water quality is checked daily, despite regulations only requiring checks every three months.

Looking forward, BBGR has set itself the goal of achieving less than 4 litres per lens at its Provins factory, by optimising processes for coating, centrifuging industrial water used in coating and filtering then reusing industrial and waste water (LOSMA project ongoing since 2016).

At our 2 sites, 100% of waste products are incinerated by a local provider and used to produce local energy. In Provins, this is made possible thanks to actions taken upstream :
  • Separation of hazardous (sludge from purification station) and non-hazardous (cardboard, paper, plastic) waste
  • Separation, compacting and resale of cardboard
  • Separation and resale of metal
In Sézanne :
  • Annual plastic waste reduced by 11 tonnes through the adoption of ‘all-cardboard’ packaging for semi-finished lenses
  • Repurposing of 50% of waste (recycling and recovery for materials/energy)
Looking forward, BBGR has set itself the goal of reducing the volume of waste by compacting the shavings generated by lens machining (LOSMA project ongoing since 2016).
Each year, BBGR’s logistics teams measure the transport-related CO2 emissions to find ways to minimise the company’s carbon footprint.
By optimising journeys and upgrading the vehicle fleet — with fuel combustion vehicles being replaced by electric vehicles in Provins since 2014 — BBGR has achieved a 17% reduction in its emissions (1,459 kg of CO2 emitted between 2014 and 2015).

Join us

BBGR is a family of 750 people working towards better eye care for everyone. Join us on this mission that unites and inspires us all through over 120 different jobs : Production, Logistics, Quality, Sales, Procurement, Marketing, Human Resources, and more. BBGR offers an environment that encourages everyone to develop their own talent, founded upon common values :


Our diversity and the celebration of our differences are strengths that create value by promoting a multitude of viewpoints that enrich our personal experience.


It can be found throughout the company: in the technology, manufacturing, sales and services. Our growth is driven by innovation that improves access to eye care for the greatest number.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Taking the initiative is encouraged and empowerment is one of BBGR’s founding principles.

Respect and trust

Respect and trust are at the centre of all human relationships and motivates everyone to play their part.

Build and work together

Working together multiplies the efficiency of our business and allows us to permanently evolve: collective intelligence is a powerful driver of progress for everyone.

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