The made-to-measure challenge

Most eyeglass wearers are unaware that an optical lens is the result of a complex manufacturing process that requires various fields of expertise.

In fact, producing one optical lens involves :

BBGR pictogramme étapes de fabrication d'un verre optique selon correction et traitements
30 to 50 steps
depending on the correction
and coatings
BBGR pictogramme savoir-faire techniciens Provins
The knowledge
of around
30 expert technicians
BBGR pictogramme brevets d’innovation verres optiques
See how a BBGR Optical lens is made, all the way from order to delivery
See how a BBGR Optical lens is made, all the way from order to delivery

Industrial manufacturing expertise

Much more than an historic factory, BBGR’s expert centre in Provins is one of the biggest lens development and production centres in Europe. It brings together 4 specialised expert centres to meet the challenge of producing a made-to-measure product on an industrial scale :
  • An innovation development centre for the geometry and surface coating of optical lenses
  • A multi-purpose, state-of-the-art production centre
  • A multi-product international logistics centre : semi-finished, standard & prescription lenses
  • A storage warehouse for BBGR’s client opticians : lenses, frames & marketing toolsplateforme
BBGR pictogramme 41000m2 usine Provins
Proof of French manufacturing and use of the country’s industrial expertise and craftsmanship

Proof of an improvement of employees’ safety and creation of better, safer working conditions

Proof of a quality management system guided by customer-centric approach
Proof of an environmental management system and a sustainable development plan