It was in 1997 that the Sézanne production site obtained its first ISO 9002 certification (now ISO 9001), which emphasizes the quality of the products and services delivered to customers; it will be imitated ten years later by Provins, BBGR’s second production site.

This first certification marks the beginning of a real QSE – Quality, Safety, Environment process – rewarded over the years with a triple certification: the two sites subsequently obtained ISO 14001 certification for their environmental commitment, and ISO 45001 for the respect for safety at work.

“These certifications are the result of a permanent contribution from employees in improving our management system. They demonstrate the level of excellence demonstrated by our production sites, and closely align with the 3 pillars of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy:

  • The promise of quality visual health for all
  • The well-being of our employees
  • Controlling our environmental footprint

It is the implementation of this Quality, Safety and Environment policy, in line with the values ​​of the company, which represents a real pledge of our commitment “.


QSE certification: a guarantee of reliability and continuous improvement

Quality-Safety-Environment certification corresponds to the implementation of an integrated management system based on ISO 9001 (for quality), ISO 45001 (for safety) and ISO 14001 (for the environment).

These certifications are granted by an expert committee, following an audit within the company, and are valid for 3 years with an annual follow-up audit. The Sézanne (semi-finished) and Provins (finished glass) production sites have the following certifications:

FOCUS on Provins, a production site labeled Origine France Garantie and Sanitary Measures Covid-19

“In addition to the ISO certifications mentioned here, and to reassure consumers about the provenance of their optical lenses, the Provins site obtained in 2012 the Guaranteed French Origin label: a label which guarantees the French anchoring of our products.

Finally, given the current health context that we all know, last June we also wanted to obtain the AFNOR Covid-19 health measures label, to ensure maximum safety for all of our employees, but also to reassure our employees. ‘all of our optician partners on the effectiveness of the sanitary measures deployed in our factory in Provins ”.


The OFG label (Guaranteed French Origin Label)

Awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification, the label is obtained subject to meeting the following 2 criteria: at least 50% of the unit cost price must be French, and the product takes on its essential characteristics in France.

The Provins production site, in Seine-Et-Marne, has been carrying the OFG label since 2012. In addition to the French know-how that it implies, BBGR is committed through this label to always go further by reassuring its optician partners , as well as consumers, on the quality and origin of the glasses they buy.

The AFNOR COVID-19 health measures label

It was following an audit carried out on June 26 that AFNOR awarded the Provins site the “Covid-19 Sanitary Measures” label.

This labeling confirmed the relevance of the health measures put in place, but it also underlined the responsibility and the efforts that BBGR teams demonstrate on a daily basis.

BBGR certification AFNOR COVID